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airweave inc.(Tokyo)

Airweave products are developed with the aim of achieving high-quality sleep by focusing on the company’s proprietary air fiber that makes up the core of each item. Made with entwined airfiber material creating air inside, airweave products are cool in summer while the layers retain heat in winter. In addition, airfiber is washable, making it easy to ensure continued use. Starting out with a simple mattress, airweave has now grown into a brand that offers a total sleep solution to further improve sleep quality with an impressive product lineup including pillows, duvets and bed mattresses. A night with airweave means that you wake up invigorated every day. It provides the recovery your body needs to perform its best, which ultimately leads to a happier and more fulfilling life. Feel the spirit of Japanese hospitality infused into airweave products developed with cutting edge technology today!

airweave inc.
2019 Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
1. airweave: Single/Semi-double/Double/Queen/King
2. airweave Seat Cushion
3. airweave Pillow S-line
4. airweave Hyperdown Duvet: Single/Double
5. airweave Portable Dual Mode
6. airweave Bed Mattress S02: Single/Semi-double/Double/Queen
1. airweave: Single JPY60,000; Semi-double JPY72,000; Double JPY84,000; Queen JPY97,000; King JY108,000
2. airweave Seat Cushion JPY14,000
3. airweave Pillow S-line: JPY19,800
4. airweave Hyperdown Duvet: Single JPY70,000; Double JPY100,000
5. airweave Portable Dual Mode: JPY96,000
6. airweave Bed Mattress S02: Single JPY129,600; Semi-double JPY135,000; Double JPY150,000; Queen JPY170,000
*All excluding tax
Gold Award winner for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019