THERA the Oriental Beauty


THERA is a Japanese organic brand that borrows ancient wisdom of good health and beauty from the Nara Period (710-784). Based in Nara, THERA works together with local governments, companies and individuals to cultivate and research raw materials for its products. Its products are developed by modifying medicinal herb therapies originated and used in ancient Nara, which is believed to be the destination of the Silk Road, to meet the needs of modern city dwellers. Inspired by the Mandara of Kasuga Shrine in Nara, the brand’s motif represents the co-existence and co-prosperity of humans and nature. In addition to delivering Japanese culture to the world, the product package is made with stone paper — an environmentally friendly packaging product.

2019 Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Three types,
White (plain enzyme face wash)
Blue (Contains Japanese herbal medicine, Yamato Touki leave, and rice bran for moisturizing and whitening)
Red (Japanese herb Izumo rose and Aomori's cassis for aging care)
Net weight
White JPY1,500
Blue and Red containing herb JPY1,800 each