Twist Hairbrush

Art Forme Co., Ltd.(Akita)

This striking comb is carved into a three-dimensional curved shape — a world first — making it both an attractive item and user-friendly. The shape is known as hineri kamisuki and fits perfectly in your hand while following the contour of your scalp as you brush your hair. Made using wood from a 600-year old ono-ore-kannba tree — a tree with wood so hard it is said that it can even break an axe. This comb’s beautiful form and lasting durability makes it a perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

Art Forme Co., Ltd.
2019 Gold Award
Twist Hairbrush 10cm/11cm/13.5cm
Twist Hairbrush Old tree 11cm/13.5cm
Twist Hairbrush Grained 13.5cm
Twist Hairbrush Imported wood 9cm/11cm/13.5cm
JPY10,000 – JPY100,000

Twist Hairbrush (10cm) JPY10,000
Twist Hairbrush (11cm) JPY15,000
Twist Hairbrush (13.5cm) JPY20,000
Twist Hairbrush Old tree (11cm) JPY20,000
Twist Hairbrush Old tree (13.5cm) JPY20,000
Twist Hairbrush Grained (13.5cm) JPY30,000
Twist Hairbrush Imported wood (9cm) JPY30,000
Twist Hairbrush Imported wood (11cm) JPY50,000
Twist Hairbrush Imported wood (13.5cm) JPY100,000
(All excluding tax)
Gold Award winner for four consecutive years from 2016 to 2019