Style fukusa


A new look of fukusa that represents the Japanese culture of modesty and heartfelt attention to detail, that fits a modern lifestyle

A fukusa is a piece of cloth used to wrap a monetary gift. The culture of using fukusa is a Japanese tradition that represents the people’s modesty and heartfelt attention to detail. The STYLE fukusa series features brand-new designs created by one of the few domestic companies specialized in fukusa manufacturing to let people revisit this culture that has been declining in recent years. Most people use similar fukusa made using purple crepe fabrics (chirimen) with Japanese patterns. In order to offer more options according to purpose and lifestyle, a huge variety of fukusa products are made, including the reversible fukusa, the compact fukusa (that can be folded compactly after use) and the pocket fukusa, which can be used like a clear document folder. Style fukusa offers various patterns and colors, to fit in people’s everyday lives.

Winner’s Voice


2018 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
JPY1,500 - 6,800 per item (excluding tax)