POTTERY BOOK [Book of the porcelain]

SIONE (Kyoto)

In the Japanese tea ceremony tradition, serving ware is not only used to present food, but also forms a part of the atmosphere. In the same way, the POTTERY BOOK series was created in hope of offering various ways of appreciating serving ware as a means to read a story and listen to music, in addition to simply enjoying their shapes and designs. As you open the book-shaped box, a story that matches the illustration drawn on the plate is written on the left side, with the plate is enclosed on the right side. The POTTERY BOOK series is created based on three themes: HARE features kissho monyo (a Japanese traditional auspicious motif), with a modern touch, KYOYASAI is designed with the images of Kyoto vegetables, and KAZE features the seasonal winds. In addition, the set comes with a Quick Response (QR) code that lets you enjoy music to match each story. The POTTERY BOOK series is an innovative product that creates new ways to enjoy serving ware.

Winner’s Voice

POTTERY BOOKは、SIONEのコンセプト「読む器」を一番表現したプロダクトです。当ブランドは、すべての器に物語がついており、絵本のように読み進める「読む器」がコンセプト。閉じると本の様に見えるボックスに器が入っており、裏表紙には物語が書かれており、器の絵柄とともに楽しんでいただけます。器としての用途だけではなく、贈るシーンや時間をも表現するようなこの製品は、それを使う毎日を鮮やかに楽しいものにしてくれるところが、他にはない魅力だと考えています。季節の移り変わりを感じ、その季節にあった絵柄の器を棚の奥から出してくることを、日常生活に加えてみるだけで、とても心豊かな時間を送ることができます。ぜひお楽しみください。



2018 2nd session Award for Products
3 kinds: HARE (8 illustrations), KAZE (6 illustrations), KYOYASAI (10 illustrations)
Single item JPY4,500 (excluding tax)

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