Jujube & Apple power jam

Sakenfoods Ltd.(Nagano)

New flavors achieved by domestic jujube fruits and apples for health conscious consumers

This Jujube & apple power jam was made by Sakenfoods Ltd., which has been researching and developing health-conscious products in Tateshina, Nagano Prefecture, for about 40 years. The there was a challenge in cultivating a pesticide-free jujube. In the past, the nutrient-rich jujubes, which are often used for kampo (traditional Chinese medicine) and medicinal cuisine, were mostly imported. After about 30 years of trial and error to obtain safe and viable jujubes, the company has succeeded in cultivating pesticide-free jujubes for the first time in Japan. All jujube fruits and apples used for this jam are produced in Tateshina. The resulting jam has a new flavor, striking a good balance with the sweetness and acidity of apples and the deep flavor of jujube fruits. The jam can be also used in other recipes such as salad dressing. Since it is additive-free, it is a genuine health food that can be enjoyed by everyone including children and the elderly.

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Sakenfoods Ltd.
2018 2nd session Award for Products
Net weight
JPY720 (excluding tax)