Series of souvenir from Ibaraki farm

Fukasaku farm(Ibaraki)

New type of sweet treat created entirely by a farmer using own-produced melons and strawberries

Ibaraki Prefecture, which is Japan’s number one producer of melons, is also home to the nation’s largest number of farmers engaged in vegetable and fruit cultivation. This series of souvenirs was developed as a new type of sweet by a farm boasting over 100 years of history where it consistently does everything from fruit cultivation to production and sales of the product. Melon no kataomoi is a melon bread that contains white sweet bean paste blended with juice extracted from ripe melons grown on the farm for over six months. Ichigo no hatsukoi is a manju (Japanese traditional steamed cake) containing jam made using 100% of the strawberries grown over a year. By using fruits grown on the farm’s high-quality soil, as well as other well-selected ingredients, these sweets can be enjoyed by anyone. The sweets are packaged in eye-catching boxes featuring a Japanese modern style with a Northern European twist.

Winner’s Voice


Fukasaku farm
2018 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Melon no kataomoi JPY1,112
Ichigo no hatsukoi JPY1,019
(All excluding tax)