Yuzen-chokoku New iPad case


iPad case integrating Yuzen engraving into a modern lifestyle that offers a new direction for the traditional craft

Yuzen-zome, one of Japan’s symbolic kimono dyeing techniques, applies numerous paper pattern stencils during the process of dyeing a single kimono. What is essential in making these stencils is kiribori, the Yuzen engraving technique of etching intricate patterns onto paper. The Yuzen-Chokoku New iPad Case was created by taking this traditional craft outside of the kimono dyeing scene and integrating it into a modern context. Exquisite designs are expressed through various-sized round holes etched precisely onto a cowhide case using different types of chisels. When the iPad is inserted with its screen on, gorgeous images such as Nioh, the guardian of temples, or a beautiful leopard appears in a three-dimensional illumination. Genuine craftsmanship ensures the etched holes are in perfect round shapes so that the leather does not tear at the holes even when pulled. This is an innovative item that offers a new direction for the traditional craft.

Winner’s Voice

友禅彫刻New iPad caseは、染色型紙を彫る仕事が衰退する中で父の跡を継ぎ、47年間培ってきた技を活かし制作した、日常生活に溶け込む商品です。「伝統の技を世界へ発信」の願いを込め、錐彫技法を駆使して牛革に絵柄を彫ったiPad caseは、液晶画面の光により彫刻した絵柄が浮かび上がります。人々の心に伝統の技の「美しさ」「安らぎ」「楽しみ」を堪能していただけるだけではなく、実用面では革ケースへの出し入れにより液晶画面の汚れを取り除く効果もあります。受賞をきっかけに、一層の精進を重ね、伝統の技を活かした物作りに邁進、友禅彫刻の技が「飯の喰える技」に蘇るよう頑張ります。

2018 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Genre:ProductsGenre:Daily necessities
New iPad retina case 、New iPad air case 、New iPad mini case
New iPad retina case JPY35,000
New iPad air case JPY33,000
New iPad mini case JPY30,000
(All excluding tax)