Nishisenkoh Co.,Ltd. (Ehime)

Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, is the home of the renowned Imabari towels. There, Imabari towel dyer Nishisenkoh strived to develop its own product for years and finally introduced the Platinum Wet Towel, a lightweight wet towel made from fabric containing platinum nanoparticles with bacteriostatic and odor-blocking effects. The towel can be used repeatedly without losing its deodorizing power, and can be carried around in a special case, making it both an eco-friendly and economical choice compared to disposable towels, as well as providing a solution to the mass-consumption society. While Imabari towels are known for their fluffiness, this wet towel is characterized by its unique thin fabric woven from fine strings, which helps to keep it lightweight and easy to use even when dampened. With 30 beautifully shades to choose from, the Platinum Wet Towel reinforces the reputation of Nishisenkoh as an extraordinary towel dyer.

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Nishisenkoh Co.,Ltd.


2018 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
W250×H250 (mm)
JPY880 per item (excluding tax)