ZAIHO Premium Pudding

ZAIHO CO.,LTD (Kagoshima)

ZAIHO natural alkaline hot spring water is a soft water sourced from 1,000m underground in Tarumizu City, near the scenic Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima Prefecture. Made with eggs from chickens raised drinking this water, ZAIHO Premium pudding has an irresistibly light and smooth texture. It owes its rich flavor to the yolk, made from fresh eggs that are firm and shiny thanks to a special feed containing natural ore powder and lactic acid bacteriaas well as ZAIHO water. Other specially selected ingredients include jersey milk and Kagoshima-produced sweet potatoes. The finished pudding is a masterpiece of the finest ingredients and a soft and smooth texture. It has also been creating a wonderful cycle of omotenashi, since people who received it as a gift has liked it so much that they are gifting it to others.

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2018 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Net weight
Special pudding, Matcha pudding, Chocolate pudding, Anno potato pudding, Beni haruka potato pudding
JPY380 per item
Gift set of 6 JPY2,280
*All excluding tax

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