Gyutougata Japanese knife


Handcrafted knives made by the traditional craftsmen of Tosa-uchi, who meet their customers' needs with the utmost efforts

Manufactured by Sakoda Hamono, a workshop specializing in knives that inherit the 400-year-old traditional techniques of Tosa-uchi knives, the Gyutougata Japanese Knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife that exudes handcrafted quality. Its lightweight body and superb sharpness helps to reduce stress when cooking, while also making the texture of the cut of the ingredients quite palatable. What wholesalers actually look for in a kitchen knife is a product that is soft but does not chip. This is the professional viewpoint of excellent craftsmanship, but general customers tend to seek qualities that are more readily noticeable, like sharpness and lightness. This knife was developed in response to the voice of these general customers. In addition, quality inspections have been strictly performed on the product, and the quality of the knife is proven with data. Handmade by Tosa craftsmen who continue to strive for better quality by traveling around production areas and exchanging techniques, this is a supreme kitchen knife that can be handled by anyone.

Winner’s Voice


2018 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Length 305mm (blade 165mm)
Width 42-45mm
Handle length 127mm
Handle width 25mm
Box size: 34.2mm x 70mm x 23mm
*Width and weight vary depending on the knife as each item is handmade one by one.
*Prices vary depending on the steel type.
JPY20,000 - JPY25,000 (excluding tax)
*Prices vary depending on the steel type
Steel type
Aogami Super Steel (blue), Shirogami (white) #2