Scratch ZEN


A durable cat claw sharpener that looks beautiful in your home while reducing cats' stress

It is said that there are more cats living in households around the world than any other pets. Claw sharpeners are indispensable for cats living indoors; however, most of the products that are on the market are cheap and disposable, and don’t fit will with the designs of most living spaces, be they Japanese or Western. Scratch ZEN was created using the “kumiki” method, the Japanese woodcrafting technique that doesn’t use nails, and by employing oak and Nanbu red pine, the prefectural tree of Iwate Prefecture, for the materials, in order to make a cat claw sharpener that would last a lifetime. The wood’s grain that changes over the years has a warm feeling, and offers a wonderful match with all types of interiors. The cardboard that can be placed inside comes in different hardnesses and flute sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your cat’s age and preferences. In addition to its user-friendly design, Scratch ZEN helps to reduce the stress of your cat, who is an important member of the family.

Winner’s Voice

CATUX ZEN は「ネコに最高のユーザー体験を提供したい」という想いから生まれました。 ネコが生活の中で感じている不満や不便をデザインの力を通して解決し、ネコの生活を快適に変化させる商品開発・プロダクトデザインに取り組んでいます。 ネコにとっての使いやすさを追求した結果、ヒトにも好まれるシンプルで上質な機能とデザインが実現できました。 その根底にあるのは「ネコと人は対立しない」という禅に通じる考え方です。ネコにとって良いものを追求すれば、人からみても美しい商品ができあがると考えています。 この爪とぎはネコの使い勝手はもちろんのこと、お部屋のインテリアに馴染むネコ用家具であると引越祝い、新築祝い、誕生日プレゼントなどでも喜ばれています。ネコ好きな方へのギフトにもおすすめです。

2018 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
・Set (Scratch ZEN, 4 refills, 2 Scratch ZEN cushions)
・Replacement refills (cardboard claw sharpener part) 4 types:
Hard type - rough, mix, fine Soft type - rough
Set JPY38,000 (excluding tax)
Refill JPY800 (excluding tax)