As the product name Math Salt indicates, this product is a “masu,” or wooden cup, packed with bath salt that offers new possibilities and applications for masu cups – which are only used to serve Japanese sake or at celebratory occasions – in this modern age. Math Salt uses the “sanjyaku (three-shaku)” masu cup, which is one of the commonly used masu cup sizes. The masu is filled with natural sea salt from France and aroma oils of different scents, which are enclosed together with such messages as “thank you” or “happy” engraved in the bottom of the cup. By placing this cute palm-sized masu cup in the bathtub, you can enjoy the pleasant fragrance of hinoki Japanese cypress wood and aroma oil. Its unique Japanese design, convenience and the surprise message will surely appeal, even to people who haven’t had a chance to use masu cups before. Math Salt is a product that lets us discover a new aspect of masu cups while keeping old traditions alive.

Winner’s Voice

1300年の歴史がある枡。この伝統ある枡をもっと身近に楽しんでいただけるように開発されたのが枡とバスソルトを掛け合わせた「Math Salt」です。選べる香りとメッセージで、プレゼントとしても、自分へのご褒美にも最適。 アロマの香りと枡から出る桧の香りで、バスタイムを特別な時間にしてくれます。

Ohashi Ryoki Co., Ltd.



2018 1st session Omotenashi Gift Award
Genre:Daily necessities
W56×H39×D56 (mm)
Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Yuzu, Sakura, Green tea; There are three messages engraved on the bottom of the Masu for each scent.
JPY750 per item (excluding tax)

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