Hedgehog sewing box

HIRO Co;LTD(Ishikawa)

A highly functional sewing box that conveys Japan’s “kawaii” culture

This hedgehog sewing box is the product of technologies accumulated by a sewing company that boasts 80 years of history. Packed with tools carefully selected by professionals, the sewing box is functional and can be used for a long time. The story behind the development of this product comes from the concept of “kawaii,” or the unique culture of cuteness in Japan. Upon seeing “kawaii” artwork of a panda motif created by a local felt textile artist, the company came up with the idea of creating a panda pincushion and asked the artist to produce it. However, because there were people who said they felt sorry to stick pins into a panda, a hedgehog was finally chosen as a perfect motif for the pincushion. This sewing box conveys the hope of the manufacturer to introduce Japan’s “kawaii” culture to the world and also create an opportunity for younger generations to learn about the vanishing culture of sewing.

Winner’s Voice

縫製会社が作る本物志向のお針箱! 毎日針と糸を使う我々のこだわりと、「可愛い!!!」と箱を開いた瞬間叫びたくなる可愛さが、日本のものづくりの思い入れを世界に伝えます。

2018 1st session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Sewing box with needles, threads, scissor and a hedgehog pin cushion.
Tulip needle, made in Hiroshima Prefecture, which allows easy threading. Smallest Japanese scissor, with a total length of 45 mm, made in Nigata Prefecture. Hand-made hedgehog shaped pin cushion.
JPY4,000 (excluding tax)