Kazari Maki-zushi Certified Instructor Qualification Course



The original recipes are written in a way that enables you to cook without using measuring tools, such as “in a length of two fingers,” to make it easy for beginners and universally understood.

The main characteristic of the kazari maki-zushi is the colorful design. These decorative sushi rolls are made using natural ingredients such as fish eggs, kinshi tamago (thinly sliced egg crepe) and vegetables, without using any coloring agents, which is a bonus for food safety.

In this course, which begins with the simple design of a sakura (cherry blossom) flower, you will learn a total of 10 maki-zushi designs, including seabream and Japanese kanji characters. Original patterns can be added as an option upon request. The instructors will help you design and make portraits and popular characters.

English recipes are available for international participants. The lessons are given using gestures so that anyone can make maki-zushi just by watching the instructor without the need of a detailed explanation. In addition, suggestions for alternative ingredients are given for ingredients that are difficult to obtain outside of Japan.

Kazari Maki-zushi Certified Instructor Qualification Course

2018 2nd session Award for Experiences/Services