Located in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, TSUKUMO is well established as the only handmade beach sandal manufacturer in Japan. Since beach sandals are meant to be worn on bare feet, each piece has been carefully produced by using the traditional technologies while also placing emphasis not only on materials but also on forms. The base has been applied with a gentle taper from the top to the bottom, so as to make for a comfortable foot space, while soft natural rubber is used for the thong. The thong is then attached manually to the sole one by one, ensuring a superb durability. In addition to their high quality, the sandals come available in a wide range of color choices, which allows you to make your favorite pair from a total of 228 possible combinations. TSUKUMO beach sandals let you feel the fine quality achieved thanks to Japanese craftsmanship.

Winner’s Voice

Our beach sandals with traditional manufacturing methods that make for maximum comfort and excellent durability, as well as a simple design that you will never grow tired of. Each sandal is carefully handmade, one by one. This continuous time and effort, our thoughtfulness, and our long history reflect the omotenshi spirit of TSUKUMO.



2017 1st session Award for Products
12 sizes (from15cm to19cm, 21cm, 23cm to 28cm)
19 color variations for the sole
12 color variations for the straps
Total 228 possible combinations
JPY1,200 (excluding tax)

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