SYRINX (Tokyo)

TSUTUMU Card Case was brought to life based on the Japanese custom of wrapping valued items carefully, such as “furoshiki (a large piece of cloth used to wrap objects),” “noshibukuro (a special envelope used for gifts of money)” and “fukusa (a square piece of cloth used to wrap the noshibukuro).” It is made by folding a piece of high-quality leather – beautifully, like origami – without using a single piece of fastening material. TSUTUMU is designed to gently wrap your valuable business cards. A semicircular cutout can be felt under the cover without looking, so you can quickly and smoothly remove your card from the case without looking down. The soft and pleasant texture of the leather becomes better and richer as it ages. It is a palm-size masterpiece that looks stylish in business situations while also expressing users’ elegance.

Winner’s Voice

We are confident in the quality of our products, but no matter how wonderful the goods are, they are difficult to sell unless you actively promote them. Until now, we have been selling our products mainly through our EC site, but we have not done any promoting. It is our hope that this award will lead us to develop sales channels. We are currently applying for design registration and preparing a better environment to sell our products.



2017 4th session Award for Products
W101mm × D15mm × H65mm
Agave, Bruciato, Cammello, Giallo, Lattuga, Fragola, Fieno, Nero
JPY6,000 (excluding tax)