Sorayui Inc.(Mie)

Natural cosmetics made from Ise’s spring water and Tensan silkmoth

TOKOWAKASUI is a natural silk skincare product combining “Tokowaka Seisen water,” pure spring water flowing through Ise that is specially processed to make the water particles fine and smooth, and “Tensan” Japanese oak silkmoth, a gift from Japan’s satoyama, or secondary woodlands, along with additional botanical beauty components. The cocoons spun by Tensan silkmoths are known as the jade of the forest and have a subtle green shade. Silk fibroin, the natural moisturizing component extracted from Tensan silk, shares 90% of its amino acid composition with human skin. Blending the highly enriching silk fibroin with Ise’s pure spring water, we have created a natural skincare product that gently soothes the skin, perfect for users of all ages and gender.

Winner’s Voice

Start your day with bright skin and a bright spirit to enjoy the feeling of a new beginning. End your day by relaxing and lovingly replenishing your skin with moisture. As in a zen proverb, “every day is a good day.” We hope TOKOWAKASUI will be part of your daily routine to cleanse your skin and heart, so that you can find light in any day.

Sorayui Inc.
2017 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
・Moisture Foam (facial wash) 120g
・Essence Lotion 150ml
・Milk Cream 40g
・Mini Gift Set (Moisture foam facial wash 20g / Essence Lotion 30ml / Milk Cream 10g)
Moisture Foam (facial wash) 120g JPY3,800
Essence Lotion 150ml JPY4,800
Milk Cream 40g JPY5,800
Mini Gift Set JPY2,800
(All excluding tax)