Aroma Soap Iiyokan

Sanyo Kousan Co.,Ltd(Ehime)

Relieving fatigue with aroma soap made from natural essential oil extracted from iyokan citrus fruit

Aroma Soap Iiyokan is made from 100% natural essential oil extracted from the peels of iyokan citrus fruits cultivated in Ehime Prefecture. Potash soap, which is characterized by its superb moisturizing effect owing to the abundant free fatty acid (glycerin) that is absorbed through the skin, is used as the base material. The fresh, sweet-sour scent unique to iyokan richly contains limonene, which is known to be highly relaxing; therefore, aromatherapy effects can be expected each time you use the soap. A “mizuhiki” motif is used for the package to express that the product has been made in Japan. The product name “iiyokan” comes from a Japanese expression that means “a feeling that something good will happen tomorrow.” While offering a relaxing citrus aroma of highest quality, this soap imbued with such a hope of the manufacturer is perfect as a gift on several occasions including celebratory events.

Winner’s Voice

Aroma Soap Iiyokan is made by generously blending the scent of iyokan fruits that were cultivated in an environment richly endowed with nature of Ehime. This soap conveys our wish to deliver a better future to the users. May your future be bright and filled with “good feeling”!

Sanyo Kousan Co.,Ltd
2017 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
JPY880 (excluding tax)