RYUKYUHANPU was born from the desire to create an Okinawan-inspired brand of bags. Each step of the production process – from designing, cutting and sewing – is done in the RYUKYUHANPU factory by three female craftsmen, who bring their own personal touch and style to each bag they create. There are about 70 different types of practical bags, from navicular totes to stroll bags, all with illustrations designed by different artists. The designs include illustrations by Okinawan native pokke 104 (Yukino Ikeshiro), using motifs of nature and the living creatures of Okinawa, and work done by RYUKA (Yuka Aragaki), one of the most promising Okinawan Bingata artists, known for her freehand painting technique, not bound by a traditional framework. Every product includes a tag with information about the creator, allowing their work to become more widely recognized.

Winner’s Voice

These are “Japanese quality” bags, which means they are made without compromising quality, while also respecting the originality that Okinawa is known for. These bags are unique items that cannot be found anywhere else: they are bags printed with the creative works of artists who represent Okinawa. When the bags are delivered, they bring with them the refreshing breezes of the Southern Island.



2017 3rd session Award for Products
W32cm x H23cm X D10cm
Pattern variations: Pokke104 Deigo Hair Ornament, Pokke104 Bougainvillea, Sawanico, RYUKA Bingata Blue, RYUKA Bingata Butterfly,MIREI
JPY 7,000 (excluding tax)