Functional Kaleidoscopic Pouch corom bag co.

Mitsuoo Project Corp. (Kanagawa)

Created using a special manufacturing method that fuses the materials seamlessly, the flexible and durable Functional Kaleidoscopic Pouch “corom bag co.”
has excellent waterproofing and airtightness that makes it perfect for use around water or for carrying wet objects. Inside the pouch is a patented function that makes it easy to pull out wet wipes with one hand, and by using the included handle, the pouch can easily be attached to strollers and other places. Combining the Japanese meticulous attention to detail, aesthetics and the spirit of omotenashi with various concepts and patented technology, this functional pouch is ideal as an organizer for babies’ diapers and goods; a travel organizer; a pouch for holding personal items at pools and public baths; an etiquette bag when walking your pet, and countless other uses that can meet the needs of people of all ages in diverse situations.

Winner’s Voice

Through a wide array of designs, innovative ideas and patented functions, we strive to create a product that can suit various uses and situations. In this day and age, when the market is flooded with boring and average-level products, we hope to continue developing and proposing products that resonate with customers’ needs, regardless of their age or gender.

Mitsuoo Project Corp.



2017 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
H15cm x W21cm (with a gusset of 7cm)
Countless variations
JPY2,700 – JPY4,800 (excluding tax)