Apple of the gods (imperial conceded goods) pesticide nonuse Aomori apple juice

Limited liability company makkanahonto(Aomori)

Completely pesticide-free premium apple juice produced with children in mind

Produced in Aomori Prefecture, the “Apple of the gods” is Japan’s first completely pesticide-free apple juice. While pesticide-free apple juice is extremely difficult to make, it was achieved through the wish to provide a safe, healthy and delicious product for children. The ingredients are four apple cultivars harvested in autumn: “Sun Fuji,” which is full of honey core; “Orin” with a rich aroma; “Kinsei,” which is popular for its fresh scent and sweetness; and “San Jona,” with a sour-sweet flavor. The apples are then after-ripened during the cold season (from November to March) to evaporate the unnecessary moisture and condense the sweetness. The packaging of the product is also elaborate: the bottle, designed with the image of the view of the sunset and Mount Iwaki seen from the apple orchard of Aomori, is packaged in a wooden box, Japanese washi paper, a gold cylinder container and furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) – as if it were wrapping a precious treasure. This premium product will be an excellent gift for any celebration, as a summer or year-end gift, for someone reaching a milestone in life, or perfect for serving for guests.

Winner’s Voice

We pursued the basics of omotenashi in qualities that aren’t readily visible: safety, healthiness and deliciousness. For the raw material of the juice, we harvest only fully ripened apples that are certified as pesticide-free, and then expose them to the cold wind during the winter season for after-ripening so that the unnecessary moisture evaporates and the flavors are condensed. Spending time and effort in this way for the finest quality product is our style of omotenashi.

Limited liability company makkanahonto
2017 2nd session Omotenashi Gift Award
Net weight
JPY10,000 (excluding tax)