Kyoto Soy Foam

K.K. Kyono Maiko-san Honpo(Kyoto)

An elegantly flavored soy sauce mousse that shows concern for guests

Soy sauce mousse is said to have sprung from the consideration of a chef who sought to prevent the kimono of maiko (an apprentice geiko) from getting stained with soy sauce during the meal. Kyoto Soy Foam was created in order to let anyone enjoy soy sauce mousse more easily in everyday life. By blending broth and soy sauce and making it to a powder form, it can be easily prepared at home by adding water and beating it. The unique texture of the foam that melts in your mouth offers an elegant and rich taste. In addition, because the foam does not have a dark black color like normal liquid soy sauce, it matches well with a wide variety of ingredients. Its salt concentration is about 5%, or 1/3 of that of normal soy sauce, which is even less than “genen (salt-reduced)” soy sauce. It makes a perfect souvenir for those who are trying to cut down on salt.

Winner’s Voice

Soy sauce mousse was brought to life based on the consideration of a chef who sought to prevent customers from staining their clothes with soy sauce. We have commercialized this soy sauce mousse in the hopes of conveying this omotenashi spirit to as many people as possible while letting them enjoy it easily at home. Please serve your important guests with our Kyoto Soy Foam.

K.K. Kyono Maiko-san Honpo
2017 5th session Award for Products
Net weight
JPY1,000 (5 x 10g)
JPY2,000 (10 x 10g)
*All excluding tax