Spice Tower Series (Japan / Curry / Burning Hot / Pizza&Pasta / Cocktail&Wine / Bread&Cakes)

Komorebi Garden Inc.(Fukuoka)

Eight spices selected for different types of cooking make this a great set for both beginner and experienced cooks

Each of the six spice towers are comprised of eight types of spices selected by cuisine genres such as Japanese, Italian, and desserts – even spices for drinks and food to complement them. The wide selection was created with the aim of introducing the diverse ways spices can be used and enjoyed. The towers of clear stacked spice jars make a stylish addition to the kitchen. They also make it easy to spot the spice and know at a glance how much there is remaining. Each tower comes with a guide and recipe, so beginner cooks can enjoy them to the fullest as well. The Japan-themed tower includes eight spices essential for Japanese cuisine: yuzu, ume (Japanese plum), wasabi, poppy seeds, shichimi (mix of seven spices with chili pepper as the main ingredient), wagarashi (Japanese mustard), aonori (dried green seaweed) and Sichuan pepper. It is a perfect gift for foreign friends and guests to share Japanese food culture with the world.

Winner’s Voice

These spices are both fun to use and great to showcase in the kitchen in their beautiful clear towers. The savory aromas of spices gathered from all over the world will surely send you on a nostalgic journey. Try opening a jar when you are feeling tired or need something to change your mood. Spices are useful not just for cooking, but for aromatherapy as well. See the included guide for more fun-filled advice. They will make wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

Komorebi Garden Inc.
2017 2nd session Award for Products
JPY1,400 (excluding tax)