Shiawase No Hitachino Waffle

Kanasago Foods Co., Ltd.(Ibaraki)

A new style of waffle that allows you to savor Ibaraki’s natto

Natto is a fermented food that is good for your health thanks to its abundant nutrients. However, in addition to its short expiration date, which is about a week, its sticky texture may be an issue for foreign people. With this in mind, Shiawase No Hitachino Waffle was created in hopes of providing people living abroad with an opportunity to easily enjoy natto. It can be stored at room temperature and lets you enjoy natto as a snack. Not only soybeans, but other local products from Ibaraki were also used as ingredients, such as Sashima matcha tea, a branded tea from the Sarushima region. This new type of waffle was made by kneading ingredients into dough made with soy milk. The sweet taste and crunchy texture let even those who do not like natto enjoy it in an unprecedented way.

Winner’s Voice

Our waffles are carefully handmade by kneading local natto into dough. Natto is a fermented food rich in nutrients that brings good health. We created this waffle based on the concept of a Japanese sweet that enables the intake of nutrients contained in natto with ease.

Kanasago Foods Co., Ltd.
2017 5th session Award for Products
Yuzu,Cocoa,Cocoa & Choco chip,Dried potato,Macha,Melon
JPY200 each
Set of 5: JPY1,500
Set of 10: JPY2,500
(All excluding tax)