Oshare Tsubaki (IT Oil)

IBARAKI Prefecture development public corporation(Ibaraki)

Enrich your mind and body with gentle tsubaki oil, 100% made in Ibaraki

A beauty oil extracted from the seeds of tsubaki trees grown in Ibaraki Prefecture. Bearing the name of a poem written by Ujyo Noguchi, a poet and lyricist of children’s songs from Kitaibaraki, the product is made 100% inside the prefecture, including all manufacturing processes, such as harvesting of the seeds and oil extraction/refining, as well as package and bottle design. The beauty oil is made by blending tsubaki oil with natural ingredients that are gentle to the skin, making for both a non-greasy, smooth texture as well as excellent moisturizing and penetrating properties that are perfect for dry skin and hair. In addition, the hint of rose scent produces a relaxing effect. It is a product that will appeal to a wide range of age groups as a new local specialty of Ibaraki.

Winner’s Voice

Seed oil extracted from yabutsubaki plants that grow wild throughout the prefecture has been made into beauty oil through cooperation between Ibaraki Prefecture Development Public Corporation and local companies/organizations. Our products are now available at accommodations and recreational facilities within the prefecture as well as at Ibaraki’s local specialty shop (antenna shop) in Tokyo. Please experience the sophisticated, fine and gentle tsubaki oil as well as the “new aspect of Ibaraki” for yourself.

IBARAKI Prefecture development public corporation
2017 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
JPY4,630 (excluding tax)