WAJIMAKIRIMOTO - Urushi Nunomise Plate series


Wajima Kirimoto is a series of round plates that was created in pursuit of user-friendliness while making use of the texture unique to lacquerware.
With the aim of undoing the negative impression that lacquerware is easily damaged, a unique technology to create tough urushi-nuri products that can be also used with metallic cutlery was developed. Linen cloth is attached to a wooden base made of Japanese linden tree grown in Hokkaido, which is then applied with diatomaceous soil and a multi-layer of urushi lacquer so that the surface hardness is enhanced to prevent damage even when used with metallic cutlery. The round, single-colored plates not only serve to present the food, they can be also used as placemats. Wajima Kirimoto plates that have been modernized while using traditional techniques of Wajima-nuri can be also paired with other lifestyles and cultures, and thereby appreciated by customers from all over the world.

Winner’s Voice

We have been engaged in woodworking and the manufacturing of lacquerware in Wajima for more than 200 years, a tradition that extends across seven generations. While cherishing the materials and techniques passed down from our ancestors, we are striving to develop originality and creativity together with our craftsmen to deliver products that accompany modern lifestyles. It is our hope to promote a better understanding of a genuine lacquerware that serves to help lead to a more pleasant everyday life for our customers.



2017 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Urushi Nuno-mise round plate: diameter 300×9mm
Urushi Nuno-mise dinner plate: diameter 270×9mm
Urushi Nuno-mise dessert plate: diameter 200×9mm
Urushi Nuno-mise rectangular plate, Large: 420×300×9mm
Urushi Nuno-mise rectangular plate, Small: 360×300×9mm
Urushi Nuno-mise square plate: 300×300×9mm
Urushi Nuno-mise round plate 340g; dinner plate 290g; dessert plate 160g; rectangular plate, Large 600g; rectangular plate, Small 500g; square plate 400g
Urushi Nuno-mise round plate (White/Gradation of Black and Nez/Gradation of White and Nez)
Urushi Nuno-mise dinner plate (White/Gradation of Black and Nez/Gradation of White and Nez)
Urushi Nuno-mise dessert plate (White/Gradation of Black and Nez/Gradation of White and Nez)
Urushi Nuno-mise rectangular plate, Large (Black, White, Nez)
Urushi Nuno-mise rectangular plate, Small (Black, White, Nez)
Urushi Nuno-mise square plate (Black, White, Nez)
Urushi Nuno-mise round plate (White) JPY20,000/piece JPY22,000/piece
Urushi Nuno-mise dinner plate (White) JPY18,000/piece JPY20,000/piece
Urushi Nuno-mise dessert plate (White) JPY15,000/piece JPY17,000/piece
Urushi Nuno-mise rectangular plate, Large JPY22,000/piece
Urushi Nuno-mise rectangular plate, Small JPY20,000/piece
Urushi Nuno-mise square plate JPY18,000/piece
(excluding tax)

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