Sakura Sablé


Sakura Sablé was designed to complement someone’s special day, such as the beginning of a new endeavor or celebrating a graduation. The Western-style sweet is mixed with black sesame seed from Yatsuo, Toyama Prefecture, and adorned with salted double-flowered cherry blossom petals from Nagano Prefecture. Using rice flour from Toyama, the shortbread is soft and moist, with the black sesame seed adding a pleasant crispiness. The delectable white-chocolate coating paired with salted cherry blossom creates an exquisite balance of the East and West. The white chocolate coating symbolizes the blossoming of cherry blossoms and the coming of spring after a harsh winter and the melting of the snow. Beautifully packaged in sakura wrapping paper and mizuhiki string, Sakura Sable is the perfect gift for special occasions.
*Available for a limited time between October and May

Winner’s Voice

We place each double-flowered cherry blossom petal by hand. Although using real double-flowered cherry blossoms complicates the process, we hope the flower will add a special touch to help make your important day more memorable, as this is our style of omotenashi.




2017 1st session Gold Award for Products
Diamete 7cm
20gm each
JPY361 (2)
JPY880 (5)
JPY1,750 (10)
JPY3,519 (20)
JPY5,278 (30)
JPY7,870 (45)
JPY11,574 (64)
all prices exclude tax