A masterpiece of a metallic iPhone cover brought to life by metalsmiths

Usukane iPhone covers are created by artisans in pursuit of beauty, lightness and thinness. The covers, which have no screws, are made of only three parts, an upper and lower frame and a back panel. They are a perfect embodiment of the metalsmiths’ refined techniques. A2017 Duralumin, an ultra-lightweight, ultra-strong aluminum alloy used in aircraft construction has been employed as the base material. The metal is bent and processed to snugly fit to the form of an iPhone, while the back panel displays a beautiful metal relief that expresses a unique worldly vision realized through sophisticated techniques. The Usukane series offers a wide variety of exquisite metal reliefs such as arabesques, itogiku chrysanthemums and traditional African designs. Users can also enjoy the smooth, carefully hand-polished texture of each piece. Usukane iPhone covers are not just simple phone covers: they are works of art that can be cherished for a long time.

Winner’s Voice

Since a phone cover is something that you will use every day, we thought to create a product of the finest quality. Our Usukane iPhone covers are pieces of artwork just like a beautiful painting, but one that you can have the pleasure of carrying around with you, rather than simply enjoying them as a home decoration. The covers are beautiful, lightweight and thin, something that could only be achieved by the efforts of our craftsmen backed with their omotenashi spirit.

2017 1st session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Silver, Black, Champagne Gold
JPY18,000(excluding tax)