Mutenka Odashi Cocktail (Boxed set of additive-free dashi powder mix)

Mica Corporation Co.,Ltd.(Shizuoka)

A set of Japanese dashi powders that lets you easily enjoy the rich umami flavor

Mutenka Odashi Cocktail set lets you easily enjoy authentic “dashi” (Japanese soup stock), which serves as the base of many Japanese dishes.
Dashi made by extracting umami flavors from natural ingredients is the heart of Japanese cuisine. It lets you experience the depth and savory taste unique to Japanese food by combining umami flavors such as glutamic acid contained in kombu, inosinic acid contained in fish and meat, and guanylic acid contained abundantly in mushrooms. Mutenka Odashi Cocktail is an assortment of dashi made from six ingredients including tuna, kombu and shiitake mushroom, which were well selected based on the technology and experience nurtured over 70 years. The aroma and umami of each ingredient were retained by cooling the mill with ice water when grinding the ingredients into powder.
The set of dashi powders allows you to blend freely to make a flavor of your choice or adding extra depth to not only Japanese dishes but also to a wide variety of cuisines including Italian, French and Chinese. Enjoy the umami flavor – which is designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, and is drawing attention from all over the world as a taste that improves health while bringing flavor to all kinds of dishes – easily at home.

Winner’s Voice

We have been devoted to producing dashi with all our hearts for 70 years, in the hopes of conveying Japan’s delicious traditional food cutures to as many people as possible, while passing it down to the future generations. We hope to express our omotenashi spirit through dashi made only from natural ingredients that brings peace of mind, while allowing our customers to enjoy authentic flavors easily at home.

Mica Corporation Co.,Ltd.
2017 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Set of 6 boxes JPY3,000 (excluding tax)