green brewing


A barista-style Japanese tea dripper that offers enjoyable moments for host and guests alike.

“Green brewing” is a style of brewing Japanese green tea inspired by baristas who use a hand drip technique to extract the green tea, a technique that makes for maximum enjoyment. The use of a dripper specialized to extract the green tea allows you to adjust the way the hot water is poured as well as the steaming time. This method allows for both a distinct aroma and visual stimulation that can be enjoyed, very differently from standard green tea in a pot. Japanese green tea is a delicate drink, and its flavors differ depending on the water temperature, the way it is poured, and the steaming time – even if the same type of tea leaves are used. By using a slow hand drip style as is done with coffee, we offer an opportunity for both the host and the guest to have a conversation about the tea while it is being prepared, which we believe is a perfect example of the tradition of omotenashi.

Winner’s Voice

The dripper is made by Japanese craftsmen, using natural materials such as porcelain or solid pieces of wood, making for safe and delicious tea. We offer a list of selected teas that have a distinct flavor, aroma and story depending on their region and variety, thus providing hospitality along with a rich and relaxing experience.

2017 1st session Gold Award for Products