Kitasaka Tamago Marugoto Pudding

Kitasakatamago Co., Ltd(Hyogo)

Rich sweets made of 100% eggs filled with the taste of Awajishima’s nature

Kitasaka Tamago Marugoto Pudding is made at the biggest poultry farm in Awajishima, Hyogo Prefecture. The whole egg is stirred in a special machine. By steaming it at a low temperature, an additive-free pudding with egg’s natural sweetness is revealed when breaking the eggshell. The policy of Kitasaka poultry farm, whose location is rich in fruits of the sea and the land, is that “good eggs can only be made from good chickens.” The chickens of the Sakura breed, which has only Japanese ancestry, are all raised from chicks and fed with selected food and water. They are thoroughly managed and only fresh eggs are shipped. The pudding can be enjoyed as a dessert with honey and syrup as well as a snack to accompany drinks when seasoned with wasabi soy sauce. It is a delight filled with the taste of Awajishima’s nature.

Winner’s Voice

We bring you a quality product, made with eggs as the only ingredient. We at Kitasaka poultry farm raise purely domestic chicken – only 5% of chickens in Japan are completely domestic. We want Japanese people to enjoy more Japanese eggs. Such value is gradually being forgotten but it would be wonderful if we can provide an opportunity for people to realize the amazing quality of this ingredient through a surprising and emotional experience.

Kitasakatamago Co., Ltd
2017 5th session Gold Award for Products
JPY300 each
Four pieces: JPY1,200 (excluding tax)