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airweave inc.(Tokyo)

Delivering high-quality sleep with a unique material that eases strain on the body.

Based on the design concept of “creating the ultimate sleep environment,” airweave products are gaining popularity among athletes and hotels around the world. Advanced technological capabilities – such as the high resiliency of the material that responds to the body and weight to make it easy to turn over while maintaining a straight body axis, as well as the “airfiber” technology that makes it possible to achieve an even dispersion of body pressure – support the company’s product development, which is conducted by implementing research together with overseas research institutions to deliver an “unprecedented sleep experience = quality sleep.” As a total sleep solution company, airweave employs its world-class technological strength for various products including mattresses, pillows and cushions in hope of supporting a better lifestyle for its customers. Sleep is indispensable in our life. These products that are developed with the aim of making it pleasant by way of integrated technologies are filled with the omotenashi spirit.

Winner’s Voice

We are very pleased to receive this award. The airweave series was born in a small factory in Aichi Prefecture in the hopes of bringing the utmost in sleep quality to people around the world. As a company that offers people a total sleep solution, we will continue to support everyone’s comfortable sleep with our omotenashi spirit to “make tomorrow a great day.”

airweave inc.
2017 Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Mattress pad airweave: JPY60,000 (single), JPY72,000 (semi-double), JPY84,000 (double)
airweave The cushion: JPY14,000
airweave pillow S-line: JPY19,800
airweave hyperdown: JPY70,000 (single), JPY100,000 (double)
airweave portable DUAL MODE: JPY96,000
*All excluding tax