Owase Hinoki Coaster


Eco-friendly coasters made from hinoki wood leftovers

Owase hinoki is a type of cypress grown in southern Mie Prefecture. Owase Hinoki Coasters are made with parts of Owase hinoki that are otherwise discarded. In Owase city, which is a forestry-centered region, environmentally friendly manufacturing is being promoted. For example, wood waste and materials left over from making building components and forest thinning, as well as tree roots, which are difficult to process, are all used up without throwing them away. These coasters were created based on such an idea. Applied with an intricate design using laser-processing technology, the coasters boast a beautiful finish achieved by the browned color from the laser and the natural beige color of hinoki, as well as the luster of the tree’s natural oil. In addition to the strong aroma unique to hinoki, the coasters also have superb durability and antibacterial properties, letting you enjoy them in everyday life, including as an ornament to decorate your room.

Winner’s Voice

Ebisuya’s products are all created together with our child. Every day, we are engaged in the production by imaging how our customers might feel when they actually see our products, in what situations our products may be used, and how we can offer a sense of comfort and joy to our customers.

2017 5th session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
20 variations
JPY800 (excluding tax)