Design Pocket

Design Pocket (Osaka)


Design Pocket offers visitors the experience of creating food samples. Different lessons, such as parfait, tart and sushi are available. Making an obento box (lunch box) is the most popular activity among foreign tourists.

It is also possible to make a macaroon food sample. This is more of a technical experience that involves the coloring of resin with a favorite color, followed by heating it in an oven to harden it to completion. Through this session, visitors can learn more about craftsmanship.

The company has also opened a school aiming to train more food sample craftsmen, whose number is continually decreasing. The graduates of this school, which is popular and always full of students, occasionally give lectures about their food sample production experience.

The food samples can be also purchased as souvenirs. Enjoy the transformation of an inorganic compound such as vinyl chloride into organic matter, and decorate with these real looking "food" samples at home.

Design Pocket

2017 5th session Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Design Pocket