Tea Ceremony Experience in Ginza

Chazen & Co. (Tokyo)


The authentic "tea ceremony" tearoom was created by an experienced tearoom designer. It is equipped with nijiriguchi (small door) and hengaku plaque made from Jindai cedar, providing an elegant space that makes one forget they are inside a building in the heart of the city.

Permanent opportunities to experience the tea ceremony are rare in Tokyo. We create a distinct atmosphere that offers an experience of the ultimate omotenashi culture. All of our staff members, who guide visitors, have mastered English or Chinese with professional skill.

The program allows guests to experience the charm of an authentic tea ceremony in a short amount of time so that foreign tourists may also enjoy the Japanese spirit in a simple way. It is no problem for guests to sit down and stretch their legs in the tearoom.

With the OMOTENASHI Selection Plan, you receive letter packs so you can easily enjoy the tea ceremony experience at home. It is also a great gift to send to a friend.

Tea Ceremony Experience in Ginza

2017 5th session Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Chazen & Co.