The Fuku Ochoko is a premium wooden “ochoko” (small sake cup) with a horseshoe made by Nambu tekki (Nambu ironworks) attached to the bottom of the cup. An 80-year-old Hokugen wild cherry tree, designated as the national flower of Japan, is used for the wooden vessel. Made from lumber that has been purchased by the log and seasoned for a whole year, the wooden vessel can withstand temperature changes so you can enjoy both hot and cold sake in good condition. The Japanese lacquer finish completes this ochoko, which is resistant to temperature changes and is safe, good-looking and comfortable to hold. By attaching a horseshoe – an item said to bring safety during travel and wealth in Japan and also believed to ward off bad luck and attract the good in many Western cultures – to the bottom, this ochoko also serves as a good luck charm. This product can not only be used to enjoy sake, but also bring good luck and happiness to customers.

Winner’s Voice

Bringing together Iwate Prefecture’s gems such as the Hokugen wild cherry, Japanese lacquer, Nambu tekki and master sake brewers of Nambu, we created this ochoko so that our customers can enjoy drinking sake. We hope that our foreign customers will also be able to appreciate sake using this Japan-made sake cup. We truly appreciate being selected for this award, which has given us a great sense of encouragement.

Banzai Factory Co., Ltd.



2017 5th session Omotenashi Gift Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Φ62mm × H62mm
Kihada, uchishu, uchiguro, kifuki urushi
Horseshoe: black, white, red, blue
From JPY4,000 (excluding tax)