Authen Engineering Corporation(Tamagawakomachi)(Yamagata)

Hand-kneaded soaps made with well-selected ingredients that are gentle to the skin

This soap was created by carefully selecting ingredients that are good for the skin and kneading them by hand. It contains three ingredients: lava from Akita-Yakeyama, a small stratovolcano located between Kazuno City and Semboku City; herbs grown at a herbal laboratory in Shonai City in Yamagata; and Manuka honey from New Zealand. In pursuit of a safe soap that is gentle to the skin, no chemical substances such as petroleum-based materials or preservatives, or even water, are used. Each soap is kneaded and made into a round shape by hand by only using sap extracted from white birch trees; therefore, each has a unique shape, which is part of the appeal of handmade products. By drying and allowing the soap to sit for a month, it becomes firm and can be used for about three to four months. It is a product recommended for those who have skin trouble.

Winner’s Voice

As the company name “Authen,” which comes from the English word “authentic,” conveys, we have been engaged in business for 20 years in the pursuit of genuine products. The TAMAGAWAKOMACHI brand that embodies our company policy was launched when we marked our 10th year of establishment. We are very pleased that our KIWAMI soap has received this award and we look forward to meeting more customers in future.

Authen Engineering Corporation(Tamagawakomachi)
2017 5th session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
80g (weight when hand-kneaded)
JPY2,667(excluding tax)