Takashimizu Dessert Jungin is Japanese sake designed for women, which was based on the work of a female researcher who wished to provide women with more opportunities to enjoy Japanese sake. Made only with rice and kome koji (malted rice) from Akita Prefecture, it has has a refined sweetness and rich acidity that can hardly be found in normal sake, by employing a unique production method. It can be enjoyed at a room temperature for richer aroma and sweetness, or chilled to 5-10 degrees, which offers a fresh taste. It complements a wide variety of dishes while letting you enjoy tasting different flavors depending on the temperature of the sake. The price is kept reasonable by making use of the manufacturing technology and knowhow nurtured through production of “Takashimizu,” which is well-known as Akita’s local sake. On the other hand, a luxurious design is employed for the bottle to make it suitable as a gift. Passing the Japanese spirit down the generations by incorporating a modern twist on Japanese sake, it is a product that reflects the spirit of “continuity and change.”

Winner’s Voice

With the hope of offering more opportunities for women to enjoy Japanese sake, Takashimizu Dessert Jungin is made by using only “Akita sake komachi,” which is a rice brand for sake brewing, to achieve a delicate sweet taste and acidity similar to that of a dessert wine. Enjoy the new taste of Japanese sake infused with our omotenashi spirit.

Akita Shurui Seizoh Co.,Ltd.


2017 3rd session 商品部門 受賞 商品部門 特別賞
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