2023年 受賞


博多 浜や(福岡県)

Hakata Hamaya brings authentic motsu-nabe hot pot to your home. The 100% additive-free DASHI RIKI series consists of the Simmer Soup Stock, Tsuyu Sauce and Ponzu sauce. Dashi soup stock represents umami, one of the five basic tastes, and is without a doubt an essential part of Japanese cuisine. However, in recent years, many dashi products are loaded with additives due to saving cost and time, and have resulted in many products lacking dashi’s natural delicate fragrance and flavor. In response, the company aimed to develop foods and seasonings made entirely from additive-free ingredients based on Japanese traditional natural cooking methods. The DASHI RIKI series fully brings out the pure powers of dashi soup stock, blending the three umami components found in natural dashi in a golden ratio determined after numerous trials. The dashi helps to emphasize the dish’s ingredients, while swiftly withdrawing soon after the palate senses the umami to leave no aftertaste. Rediscover the beauty of Japanese cuisine through the flavor of naturally nurtured dashi, offered in three flavors catering to various purposes and preferences: the Simmer Soup Stock that helps to season simmer dishes just right; the triple concentrated Tsuyu Sauce with a slight sweetness representing Kyushu region cuisine; and Ponzu Sauce which can enhance the flavor of all types of foods. Savor the world-renowned authentic Japanese cuisine supported by dashi products embodying the knowhows of the Japanese people since ancient times, right at your dining table at home.

博多 浜や(福岡県糸島市)

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2023年 受賞


・単品 全3種
「だし力」鍋ぽん酢 完全無添加(500g)
「だし力」つゆ 完全無添加 減塩(500g)
「だし力」煮物だし(液体) 完全無添加(500g)

「だし力」3点セット(煮物だし液体・つゆ・鍋ぽん酢) 完全無添加

価格(税別) ※税込価格および最新情報は各事業者ホームページでご確認ください。


「だし力」鍋ぽん酢 1,037円
「だし力」つゆ 減塩 1,222円
「だし力」煮物だし(液体) 1,222円

「だし力」3点セット(煮物だし液体・つゆ・鍋ぽん酢) 3,481円