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The Yame area in Fukuoka Prefecture is known as one of the top tea producers in Japan. These granolas were created by Yuge Seicha, which has been growing tea in Yame for 40 years. The tea farm was founded by the grandfather of the current owner, Hiroshi Yuge, but in 1986 his father Kenji Yuge started to truly reevaluate tea cultivation and manufacturing methods, taking advantage of having its own farm grounds and shop to reduce pesticides and chemical fertilizers as well as improve soils, and limited tea pickings to time windows that makes the best tasting tea and directly selling only the first harvested tea of the season. The farm also has its own factory, and works with the utmost care to determine the suitable steaming time for the condition of the tea leaves which changes every day. In addition to sencha green tea, the farm also began production of Japanese red (black) tea six years ago, both of which have been highly acclaimed and won numerous awards. However, in recent years, there has been a decline in the custom and opportunities for brewing and drinking tea at home. Thus the farm began the development of a product to offer tea to people of all ages, and together with a sweets planner in Japan, completed this product over two years. It is a delicious blend of various dried fruits including locally grown Amaou strawberries, mixed with the farm’s carefully grown green and red tea. The rich tea aroma and gentle sweetness of the fruits create a fun harmony, and also allows you to consume every bit of the many nutritional benefits of tea, making it a truly “edible tea.” Pair it with the usual milk, or enjoy as toppings on yogurt or ice cream. The Green Tea Granola has a unique bitterness that makes it a good match with salty foods as well, such as layering with cheese on crackers or as salad toppings. The Red Tea Granola’s refined sweetness creates a deep flavor when sprinkled on pancakes with maple syrup and butter. These granolas offer insights into novel ways of savoring tea.


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2023年 金賞





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