Canvas school bag ″Ransack″

Saikobo Co., Ltd. (Hiroshima)

The Canvas school bag “Ransack” utilizes natural canvas material, providing robust storage capacity and functionality of a backpack, suitable for adults as well. Saikobo Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and specializes in crafting and selling handmade bags and accessories using canvas. The development of Ransack features interchangeable shoulder straps, high durability, and a design that leverages the softness of canvas, using environmentally friendly natural materials. Introduced in 2013, Ransack has been continuously improved based on user feedback, focusing on durability to withstand six years of use and ease of carrying. Particularly, special processing of the flap prevents deformation of the bag, and standard side reinforcement panels achieve a balance between sturdiness and storage efficiency. Ransack has been on the market for over 10 years, primarily favored by elementary school students in Japan, but has also gained popularity among tourists from overseas in recent years. Saikobo Co., Ltd. plans to continue providing durable school bags, utilizing Japanese craftsmanship, with future considerations for expansion into adult and overseas markets.

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Saikobo Co., Ltd. (広島県尾道市)

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2024 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion

■ Variations
・ for Child
・ for Adult
* The product size is the same. For child models, you can choose from two shoulder belt lengths.

■ All 9 colors
Red/Dark brown/Camel/Karashi/Khaki/Ecru/Light Blue/Green/Black

■Price(excluding tax)
50,000 yen