RE BONSAI™ is a bonsai art themed on the concept of “Recycle.” As one of SDG initiatives, TOUFU TOKYO has regenerated the thoughts and forms of dead bonsai into cool forms for contemporary interior design and fashion. The company has been often asked, “Is it a real plant?” The answer is, RE BONSAI™ is a plant with a real trunk, branches, roots, leaves and moss. By drying a dead bonsai, the company transformed the bonsai into a beautiful and cool-looking piece that will never die again. Its beautiful appearance will last semi-permanently without changing its shape. In addition, all bonsai are coated with a photocatalytic coating. A photocatalyst produces active oxygen to inactivate bacteria and viruses, thereby providing excellent antifouling effects and purifying indoor air at the same time.
Bonsai is a part of traditional Japanese culture. RE BONSAI™ adds a more innovative charm to the sense of history that each bonsai has, creating an art form that can be found nowhere else in the world. RE BONSAI™ needs no maintenance or watering. Please enjoy the new style of bonsai.


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2023 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


1 type
RE BONSAI™ white lily × indigo dyeing

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JPY220,000 (excluding tax)