Ninja Karakuri Seminar


At the Ninja Karakuri Seminar, you will learn the art of surviving the modern world through the techniques and wisdom of ninja.
By learning and practicing the Ninja Karakuri, no matter where you are in the world, you will survive strongly like ninja in these uncertain times.
Ninja Karakuri consists of six elements.
1) Background: A lecture on the differences between ninja and samurai, along with basic knowledge about the ninja’s mission.
2) Conditioning: Practical training with scientific explanations of the Kuji self-defense method—a ritual to calm the mind and act with dignity, even in stressful situations.
3) Physical: The Ninja Walking Method, which is also beneficial for daily health maintenance, will help develop a sense of physical balance.
4) Mind: Among learning the many ninja communication techniques, participants will experience a very rare method of communication.
5) Spirit: After learning the meaning of the Kanji character for “”shinobi,”” participants write the character for “”ninja”” using a brush and ink.
6) Adjustment: Participants will learn the ninja breathing technique and mindfulness meditation to relax their body and mind after a hard day’s work.
We hope you will enjoy this unique and precious Japanese experience that will strengthen your mind and body like the ninja.


2023 Award
Genre: Experiences

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‘- Basic (Introductive)
60min. JPY12,000 per person
– Authentic (Basic+Details)
90min. JPY18,000 per person