Butters Craft Butter Cake

HiOLI Inc. (Tokyo)

“Butters” is a brand of craft butter confectionery that creates the first step into a new tradition. Butters creates a new value of sweet treats by searching the world for characteristic butters and combines traditional recipes and production methods without being constrained by conventional methods to make the most of the original ingredients. The brand’s flagship product, “Craft Butter Cake,” is a three-layer butter cake with milk jam in the middle, sandwiched between two kinds of dough with different textures, Crêpe bretonne and Financier.
The milk jam is made with fat-free milk powder, which is a by-product of the butter making process; therefore, the cake can be enjoyed without wasting any of the by-products of butter. The top surface of the cake is pressed down with a French griddle to give the crispy surface and the milk jam puffs up the cake softly. The lightness of the texture created by the cavity in the middle of the dough is one of the characteristics of this product.
The Crêpe bretonne, Financier and milk jam all are simple, traditional recipes that have been handed down over the years. However, the company created new types of craft butter cakes by gathering traditional simplicity.

HiOLI Inc. (東京都世田谷区)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink

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‘- 4 pieces JPY1,250
– 10 pieces JPY3,000
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