Kintsugikurashi(Yagokoro Co., Ltd.) (Tokyo)

Taking place at several locations in and around Tokyo, including the gorgeous g KEYAKIZAKA store in Roppongi Hills, this Kintsugi (gold joinery) course is both educational and a lot of fun.An ancient art that embodies the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, Kintsugi is all about embracing imperfection and not panicking when things start to fall apart.
During this course, participants learn a little about the history of this wonderful tradition while also practicing Kintsugi themselves. It’s customized to suit the needs of those taking part, so it suits both beginners and those who’ve tried it before and are looking to perfect the art.While skin rashes can often be a cause for concern when practising traditional Kintsugi, this course uses synthetic lacquer, so participants don’t have to worry about that. All the tools at the workshop meet the standards of the Food Sanitation Law, meaning participants can take their restored dishes home with peace of mind, knowing they can use them after 10 days.
The course can be completed in around two hours and the instructions are easy to follow, though it does require a lot of concentration.
The final result looks fantastic and restoring a dish rather than throwing it away is great for the environment.
In addition to this two-hour workshop, a series of courses for traditional techniques using Hon Urushi (genuine lacquer) is also available for those who are looking to go further in their Kintsugi journey.
English translation is available for an extra cost.

Kintsugikurashi(Yagokoro Co., Ltd.) (東京都港区)

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JPY7,273 /2 hour (excluding tax)