Tsukimichiru series

Green Heart Co., Ltd. (Yamaguchi)

Tsukimichiru series offers a supplement, beaty serum and shampoo for skin and hair, and an out-bath hair treatment that can be used several times a day. The supplement supports women who are prone to mineral deficiency to stay healthy through their life stages of marriage hunting, fertility treatments, pregnancy and postpartum period. Mineral deficiency can cause abnormal menstrual cycle, infertility and menopausal symptoms, and is also associated with hair loss and mental disorders. Therefore, the series is recommended not only for women but also for anyone who suffer from these problems.
The supplement contains extract from oysters cultivated in Hiroshima Prefecture obtained by a special method, which is characterized by a higher content of essential amino acids than extract from boiled oysters. Instead of gelatine derived from pork, the capsule is made of plant-derived material. Based on the results of repeated clinical trials, the supplement was recognized as a product that offers treatment for “Mibyo,” or pre-illness state, by the Japan Migyou Institute United.
Serum “ReBeauty” contains an abundance of minerals and amino acids, hydrolyzed eggshell membrane and 13 kinds of nutritional ingredients that are effective for beautiful skin. It has intense moisturizing properties while being gentle on the skin allowing for skin-to-skin contact with babies with peace of mind.
MOON AURA shampoo and out-bath treatment are haircare items rich in minerals and amino acids as well as water-soluble eggshell membrane peptides which lead to healthy hair. They are less irritating to the skin and effective in preventing hair loss. Because you don’t need to rinse out the out-bath treatment, it bestows intense nutrition on the scalp. It can be carried around in a bag so that you can easily care your scalp any time.
Green Heart aims at supporting those who are prone to mineral deficiency regulate their bodies and minds through its products.

Green Heart Co., Ltd. (山口県周南市)

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Four kinds
– Supplement “Tsukimichiru” (3 capsules x 30 packets)
– Serum “ReBeauty” (30 ml)
– MOON AURA shampoo (300 ml)
– MOON AURA out-bath treatment (100 ml)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Supplement “Tsukimichiru” JPY8,000
– Serum “ReBeauty” JPY8,500
– MOON AURA shampoo JPY5,500
– MOON AURA out-bath treatment JPY5,500
(All excluding tax)