Kaoridokorohonoka Fragrant Trip in Tochigi City Series Essential Spray

Kaoridokorohonoka (Tochigi)

This essential spray is influenced by the historical background of Tochigi City in Tochigi Prefecture. Tochigi City flourished as a “Shukuba-machi” (post station) in the Edo era (1603-1867), and even today it is a good old town where some streets are still lined with warehouses. A company, Kaoridokoro Honoka, produced the fragrance product with a desire to let as many people as possible know the charm of this town and won the Women’s Special Prize in the “Kura-no-Machi Business Plan Contest” in 2021. The fragrance was highly evaluated in the field.
The five fragrances are named “Koi-Koi,” “Kura,” “Uzumagawa,” “Tochigi-shuku” and “Koedo-no-iki.” The company has thoroughly focused on the ingredients; therefore, each fragrance can effectively make you feel good when using the products. Japanese essential oils such as Aomori hiba and cedar, which match the touch of Japan, were procured locally and blended with French and Austrian essential oils. In addition, only one drop of such rare essential oil is extracted from a bouquet of 30-50 roses, giving the fragrance a luxurious feel. The company’s goal was to create a fragrance to feel the true fragrance, not to just apply it. To ensure that the fragrance of natural ingredients can be enjoyed for a long time, the company used Anise hyssop herbal water instead of plain water, which causes the degradation of products. Anise hyssop is an herb grown to nurture bees for pollination, and the herbal water is originally created by the company.
With the concept of “a drop of hospitality, Japanese fragrance weaves a story,” Kaoridokoro Honoka hopes to be a company that settles insides people’s hearts.

Kaoridokorohonoka (栃木県栃木市)

2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Five kinds


8 ml

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‘- Single item JPY6,500 (excluding tax)
– With gift option (wooden box made of local Tochigi wood, wrapping with Karasuyama washi paper) JPY12,000 (excluding tax)