Ronnefeldt Tea Salon Nagoya “Irish Malt Pudding”

Ronnefeldt Tea Salon Nagoya (SSY Co.,LTD.) (Aichi)

Located on the first floor of a building just a 7-minute walk from Fushimi Station on the Nagoya Municipal Subway, Ronnefeldt Tea Salon Nagoya is an authorized store of Ronnefeldt, one of the world’s leading luxury tea brands born in Germany over 190 years ago. The store offers an experience of a fine marriage of good and tea and “Irish Malt Pudding” is one of the desserts served at the store’s most popular afternoon tea menu. In response to the many requests from its customers who want to enjoy the pudding at home, it has been made available in online stores.
Ronnefeldt’s Irish Malt is a flavored black tea leaves that are a blend of the summer second flush Assam tea leaves known for their richer aroma and flavor notes and Irish whiskey aroma with a hint of cocoa. The Ronnefeldt’s most popular tea leaves are used for making milk tea, which is then blended into a smooth pudding that lets you enjoy the malty, rich flavor of the tea. Enjoy a luxurious moment with the semi-sweet pudding carefully handmade one by one using Germany’s finest black tea. Offered free shipping in online stores.

Ronnefeldt Tea Salon Nagoya (SSY Co.,LTD.) (愛知県名古屋市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


One kind
– Irish Malt Pudding

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– Three pieces JPY3,055 (excluding tax)
– Six pieces JPY5,092 (excluding tax)