Organic Mineral Aqua Shadow

RED, Inc. (Tokyo)

The liquid eyeshadow series from “AQUA・AQUA,” a Japanese organic cosmetic brand, is made using an abundance of beauty ingredients derived from fresh fruits. Moisturizing agents such as melissa officinalis leaf extract and apple fruit water are used so that it can be applied on the delicate, thin skin around eye area to improve firmness and texture. The water-infused eyeshadow is formulated without oil and designed to adhere well to the skin. It first feels smooth and fresh when you apply, then only excess moisture dries up gradually, providing an ideal moisture balance that blends well. Added with abundant pearlescent agents, the shimmer eyeshadow creates a wet look with glimmering texture. The size of the pearlescent agents is adjusted depending on each color to achieve the optimal combination for the most beautiful finish. You can use it for blending, layering or spreading, and just by sweeping, it creates a soft glam look with an elegant sheen. This liquid eyeshadow can be use alone or layered over powder eyeshadows to make an impressive and catchy eye look.

RED, Inc. (東京都港区)

2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Six colors
– 01 Champagne Peach
– 02 Jewelry Cassis
– 03 Juicy Pine
– 04 Cocktail Chocolat
– 05 Shimmer Olive
– 06 Silver Sherbet

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JPY2,600 (excluding tax)